Botting in RuneScape? Don’t be silly; you’ll get sued.

Our all time favourite company has done something amazing again. They annouced that they will be taking legal actions against companies and players using unfair software to play.

“Jagex is actively pursuing companies that support the macroing market as well as those who bot. As such we are currently pursuing various bot developers through multiple legal channels”

Thank you Jagex. I hope that you will catch the source of the trouble, the programmers. And for players still botting, just stop, okay?


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8 GREAT tips on how to choose a RuneScape Username

A good name in RuneScape is important. How else are you going to get famous? Sad thing is, if you disslike numbers (you should!) almost all epic usernames are taken. Here are some tips on choosing a great name:

username in runescape

1# – DON’T pick a name related to your skill
While many other websites suggest the opposite, I highly advise you to NOT pick a username thats related to any skills. The simple reason being that you can never train something else without looking silly.
“HerbMaster64” with 34 herbloring looks silly, its only cool when you got 99…

2# – Pick a scary name
Imagine the following scenario: Two players, exact same level, “Thenario” and “iWillPwnU”. Who would you rather attack? I’d go for Thenario.

3# – Try to not use numbers
Avoid numbers. If you have to, use l33t sp4ak. “Magebomb1234” to “M3geb0mb”.

4# – Use a variation of your name that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to associate with your name.
Use your seldom spoken middle name, for example, and spell it backwards. (E.g. Marissa = Assiram)

5# – Name unavailbe? Try different languages!
E.g. Mage = Tovenaar, Towenaar, Magjistar, Magier, Mago, Maj, Mágus, Zintnieks, Ahli Sihir, Mar, Maga, Vrăjitor, Kúzelník, Vrač, Salamangkero, Kouzelník, Sihirbaz…. See how many variatons of one word?

6# – Pick up your favorite fantasy books
In LOTR there is like 250 pages full of names. There are a ton of great names there. Every good fantasy books has unique names!

7# – Find a name generator
But.. go a little more advanced, try “LOTR name generator”, “Elf name generator”.

8# – Done? Google or DuckDuckGo for the name to see if it’s unique.

Well, I hope these tips helped you. If you end up picking a cool name, please share it in the comments! See you online!

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RuneScape Easter 2011 sneakpeek

RuneScape Easter 2011 sneakpreview

It’s coming…. 🙂
PS: Click to enlarge the screens!

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Veteren Cape – a cape for awesomly old players

So.. how long have you been playing? If you have more then 5 years of playing experience in the near future you can get an Veteran Cape! How awesome is that? Not as awesome as the Uber Cape! Or the Classic cape! Jagex is going to introduce a bunch of new capes;

  • Veteran cape – a cape that any player can wear if their account is more than 5 years old. Next year there’ll be a Veteran’s cape for accounts older than 10 years.
  • Classic cape – a cape any player can wear if they have visited RuneScape Classic
  • The cape of 10s – a range of nine different capes that a players can wear when they have reached a multiple of ten or above in all skills (for example, a player who wants to wear the ‘40 cape’ would have to have a minimum of level 40 in all current skills)
  • Uber cape – a cape that can only be worn if you can wear the max cape, have 120 Dungeoneering, have gained all possible Quest Points, have completed all Tasks, and have unlocked all music tracks!

Soon more on this! 🙂

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RuneScape in REAL 3D; how awesome would that be?

Seen the movie Avatar? Sure you have. Imagine RuneScape in 3D like that! I found this photo edit on Of course this would be not actually work very well but it sure is fun to think about! 🙂

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The Best F2P RuneCrafting Guide

This is a part of a guide written by Abbem20 on the official RuneScape forums. It is the best runecrafting guide for F2P I have read so far and I could not withhold it from you guys!

Please note, this is a very very long guide but it contains a lot of useful information. Continue reading

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It’s shocking to see how RuneScape is run by bots

Fellow blogger Range2H brought up on interesting topic in one of his posts. Due to server update everybody got kicked and had to log back on. Several hours after the update some worlds where still EMPTY. How you ask? The bots can’t automatically go back online. Notice how empty soulwars is at the otherwise busy world 9 is?

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What will we find in our rune stockings this year?

Christmas is getting closer and closer! Are you excited yet? No? Well you should be. I’m curious about the christmas event from this year, what will we get!?

I’m positive the busy guys and galls at Jagex HQ are brainstorming about what we will find in our runescape stockings this year RIGHT NOW! What do you think we will find? Santa’s Glasses? A portable christmas tree? Post in the comments below!

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Newbies guide to choosing a weapon

Runescape knows various melee weapons. The most commonly used weapon is by far the Scimitar. But is it the best?

Most weapons have a primary attack mode in all three attack styles and a secondary mode in the aggressive or controlled style. Depending on your opponent and your attack style you need to use different weapons. Continue reading

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The 5 best RuneScape Fansites!

Hello readers! Today I would like to share you the five best RuneScape fansites! If you dont know any of the websites on this list, check out (really!)!

First things first; what is best? Is the best fansite the one with the most accurate and up2date information, the one with the coolest webdesign or the one with the best community? The best fansite is the one who combines all of these things! Continue reading

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