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8 GREAT tips on how to choose a RuneScape Username

A good name in RuneScape is important. How else are you going to get famous? Sad thing is, if you disslike numbers (you should!) almost all epic usernames are taken. Here are some tips on choosing a great name: 1# … Continue reading

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The Best F2P RuneCrafting Guide

This is a part of a guide written by Abbem20 on the official RuneScape forums. It is the best runecrafting guide for F2P I have read so far and I could not withhold it from you guys! Please note, this is … Continue reading

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Newbies guide to choosing a weapon

Runescape knows various melee weapons. The most commonly used weapon is by far the Scimitar. But is it the best? Most weapons have a primary attack mode in all three attack styles and a secondary mode in the aggressive or controlled … Continue reading

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Cheap way to get 70 fletching!

The easiest to train skill in RuneScape pay2play is by far fletching. Getting from 1-70 can be done in one maybe two days. You will need some starters money, but you will easily earn it back.

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How to play RuneScape on iPad?

I’m thinking of buying one of those nifty iPads, but I wasn’t sure if the iPad could handle RuneScape! I did some research on how to play RuneScape on an iPad!

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How to find a great clan in RuneScape?

RuneScape can be so much more fun if you are in the right clan. But how do you know which clan is the right one for you? Here’s some tips; – Think about the things you like to do most … Continue reading

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Amulet of Power vs Amulet of Strength?

For F2P players there is not much choice between different amulets. There are however two great ammys. Amulet of Power or Amulet of Strength? Amulet of Strength is the cheaper one, and a lot more popular around lower levels, but is … Continue reading

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