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Veteren Cape – a cape for awesomly old players

So.. how long have you been playing? If you have more then 5 years of playing experience in the near future you can get an Veteran Cape! How awesome is that? Not as awesome as the Uber Cape! Or the … Continue reading

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RuneScape in REAL 3D; how awesome would that be?

Seen the movie Avatar? Sure you have. Imagine RuneScape in 3D like that! I found this photo edit on Of course this would be not actually work very well but it sure is fun to think about! 🙂

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It’s shocking to see how RuneScape is run by bots

Fellow blogger Range2H brought up on interesting topic in one of his posts. Due to server update everybody got kicked and had to log back on. Several hours after the update some worlds where still EMPTY. How you ask? The … Continue reading

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What will we find in our rune stockings this year?

Christmas is getting closer and closer! Are you excited yet? No? Well you should be. I’m curious about the christmas event from this year, what will we get!? I’m positive the busy guys and galls at Jagex HQ are brainstorming … Continue reading

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Halloween 2010 guide!

It’s that time of the year already, Halloween event 2010! This year event is called ‘Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow‘. Pumpkin Pete is throwing a party for the infamous Grim Reaper because Mr. Reaper never had a fantastic Halloween before. It’s your job to … Continue reading

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