The Best F2P RuneCrafting Guide

This is a part of a guide written by Abbem20 on the official RuneScape forums. It is the best runecrafting guide for F2P I have read so far and I could not withhold it from you guys!

Please note, this is a very very long guide but it contains a lot of useful information.

–Getting 50 runecrafting–

50 Runecrafting is very useful. It will take 15-20 hours to get it. With 50 runecrafting you can enter the runecrafting guild. This gives you access to one of the best moneymaking methods in F2P (about 200k/hour) as well as a good method to get runecrafting xp, and all of that in a fun minigame.

There are generally 3 ways to train runecrafting at these levels. Earths waters or airs. Earths and waters are now worth a lot more than they used to be. Many people simply do airs, but earths and waters are better.

Method 1: Earths
Earths are in my opinion the way to go once you hit level 9.
Start at varrock east bank, run east and north and you’re at the altar. Halfway along the route is a musician. You should rest there every trip to recharge your run energy, so you can run all the time.
To speed up your trips, you could use varrock teleports. The laws cost a little, but the better xp is worth the cost.
At level 30 you should use earth runecrafting gloves from FoG. They are very helpful and save you some time.

Method 2: Airs
Airs aren’t as fast as earths, but a little more profit. It’s a good alternative to earths. The easiest way would be starting in varrock west bank, running west to the air altar and running back. Runecrafting gloves strongly recommended. Teleporting is also an option, but if you’re going to spend money on teleports, you might as well do earths.

Method 3: Waters
Waters are the slowest, but also the most profitable way to train. At level 19 you can already expect profit.
Teleport with an explorers ring (3), bank in draynor and keep going southeast, you will eventually reach the water altar. Craft waters and teleport back.
You could also teleport to lumbridge, run south and then west to the water altar, teleport to falador to bank. This way makes waters quite fast actually, but still not as fast as earths.

–The Runecrafting Guild–

Level 50 is what you want in f2p runecrafting. Using runecrafting gloves it should only take 8-9 hours to get 50 runecrafting.
I recommend that you play the runecrafting minigame, as this is not as boring as walking to altars all the time.
If you’re going for xp, buy water altar tablets. If you prefer money, go for talismans.

For the fastest tokens, it is best to play 50/50 games. In 50/50 games, one team gets air, mind and water, the other team gets earth, fire and body. That is 405 tokens every game, with almost 4 games in an hour makes 1.5k tokens every hour. If you can win games consistently, then you should be able to get a similar rate of tokens in world 61. If you lose too many games, practice more. 50/50 is the ideal place to practice.

There are 2 tablets which can be considered to buy. Earth and water. I did some calculations on page 50. Turns out that both give about the same xp, so pick the one that gives the most profit (usually water).

Talismans can bring in some good profit. Water talismans are usually the best, but sometimes fire talismans are worth more. 750 tokens from a win game exchanged for talismans is worth over 80k!

Some tabs are simply useful for teleports. I sometimes use mind tabs to go to wilderness locations. There are no nearby teleports, so you save quite some time with mind tabs.

If you don’t like playing the Great Orb Project, you could continue making earths, waters or airs.
Earths are a bit faster, but I find it boring to do.

-Water Tablet Strategy–

As this is the best method to train, I will explain it in detail.

This is what you should use for crafting waters:
Equip a water tiara or talisman staff, water runecrafting gloves and an explorers ring (3). In your inventory, you’ve got a stack of water tablets and your ring of kinship from Daemonheim. Keep the 1st slot free for your water runes. Turn your screen north.

Break a water tablet, you will appear a few squares off the water altar. Click it to enter, then click on top-left side of your screen to go to the altar. Click it to craft your runes. Right click your ring of kinship and be ready to teleport. As soon as your character is finished crafting runes, teleport to Daemonheim. As soon as you see it on the minimap, click to go north.
It takes a few seconds to get to the bank, so that’s when you can chat or recharge run energy.
Sometimes you will find your energy has run out. Keep walking for a few trips, or rest. Both are about the same speed.

If you play in a near-empty world, the altar will load faster. This can save a few seconds every run.

After 39 trips, your gloves will crumble to dust. Time to get a new pair from Fist of Guthix. Withdraw 1 fire, some airs, 1 law rune, 75 FoG tokens and teleport to varrock.

Crafting other runes follows a similar strategy, except that the altar is located elsewhere. I don’t see why you would want to craft them though. Earths and waters beat every other rune in both xp rates and profit by quite a lot.

It is not necessary to use FoG gloves. Without them you will make more effective profit from your runecrafting. FoG tokens can get you good profit by spending them on rune gauntlets, so you’re giving up profit from FoG as well, but for the good xp you’ll be getting, that sacrifice should be worth it.

–Assisting airs–

Assisting airs is a good way to get a quick 30k xp every day. But it only works if you have a high runecrafing. Most runners will only pick you if you have 88 or higher runecrafting. I’m 90 runecrafting and I often find it hard to get runners, but if you’re persistent, it should be possible.

Remember that assisting is not a competition, but a service. You’re helping others, so if you see someone else assisting, kindly wait for him to max and then it’s your turn to serve the community.
Make sure people know you’re a high-level runecrafter though. Quick-chat your runecrafting level about once every minute.

A good assister is fast. Therefore, only look at your assist tab. As soon as someone requests assist, click on it and make sure runecrafting assist is enabled (it will usually be on by default). As soon as you see you’ve gotten xp, close the assist window to get more assist requests. If someone doesn’t give you xp after 5 seconds, tell him to ‘craft runes’. If he still doesn’t respond, close the assist window and continue.
Sometimes you get multiple requests at once. Click one of them, and when you have gotten xp, click on another assist request instead of closing the assist window.

Position yourself somewhere between the altar and the portal. That’s a more attractive position for runners. Don’t stand on other assisters, or on the spot where people craft.

Some people will probably know about tiaras. They are fast xp, but the cost is so high that it’s not worth it to make them. It’s a lot more clicking and not that much faster. Even if you have a lot of money, it’s better to save it for other skills. Runecrafting should be a moneymaker.

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3 Responses to The Best F2P RuneCrafting Guide

  1. JawGeX says:

    great guide mate. I’m 52 ATM, so yeah I fail 😛

  2. Matthew says:

    guide is not bad -.- i train rc making body tiaras 525 xp per inventory
    oh yeah and when using teletabs you can now teleport to daemonheim bank with ring of kinship and bank there so you wont need extra teles back to a bank

  3. bob says:

    runecrafting lvl?

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