What will we find in our rune stockings this year?

Christmas is getting closer and closer! Are you excited yet? No? Well you should be. I’m curious about the christmas event from this year, what will we get!?

I’m positive the busy guys and galls at Jagex HQ are brainstorming about what we will find in our runescape stockings this year RIGHT NOW! What do you think we will find? Santa’s Glasses? A portable christmas tree? Post in the comments below!

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Newbies guide to choosing a weapon

Runescape knows various melee weapons. The most commonly used weapon is by far the Scimitar. But is it the best?

Most weapons have a primary attack mode in all three attack styles and a secondary mode in the aggressive or controlled style. Depending on your opponent and your attack style you need to use different weapons. Continue reading

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The 5 best RuneScape Fansites!

Hello readers! Today I would like to share you the five best RuneScape fansites! If you dont know any of the websites on this list, check out (really!)!

First things first; what is best? Is the best fansite the one with the most accurate and up2date information, the one with the coolest webdesign or the one with the best community? The best fansite is the one who combines all of these things! Continue reading

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Cheap way to get 70 fletching!

The easiest to train skill in RuneScape pay2play is by far fletching. Getting from 1-70 can be done in one maybe two days. You will need some starters money, but you will easily earn it back. Continue reading

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How to play RuneScape on iPad?

I’m thinking of buying one of those nifty iPads, but I wasn’t sure if the iPad could handle RuneScape! I did some research on how to play RuneScape on an iPad! Continue reading

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How to find a great clan in RuneScape?

A clan war in RuneScape Classic

RuneScape can be so much more fun if you are in the right clan. But how do you know which clan is the right one for you? Here’s some tips;

– Think about the things you like to do most in RS; Pking, Merching, Questing, Cooking, etcetera and find a clan that shares this love.
– Maybe some of your friends are in a clan, ask them which and if they like it!
– Maybe your favorite fansite has its own CC?

If you know what to look for its so much easier, but where do you look? As said above friends are a good choice but the official forums contains tons of clans also! There is a complete category for clans.

I hope you find yourself a nice clan because RuneScape is much more fun when your playing with others!

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Salty maples, Islands disguised as dungeons and random talk

Yesterday I noticed I needed only 300 more exp to level 30 dungeoneering, I decided to clear a dungeon so I would reach this little milestone… Upon reaching it I noticed that there was a new resource dungeon for me to explore! According to my beloved wikia this little dungeon was a great place for F2P players to chop Maple!

After grabbing a tinderbox, a runite hatchet and some peeking on the worldmap (not really I got lost, twice). I found the.. errrr… ‘dungeon‘. This dungeon was actually an island. A very gray and dark looking island. It’s a very small island holding 8 maple trees and 6 willow trees (which nobody uses) and there is barely any grass… Which is odd. If grass can’t grow here… why can these maples!? Suspiciously looking around I noticed the water. Salty sea water. Now I ask you, can these beautiful little trees live on sea water? I don’t think so.

What more does this little ‘dungeon’ island have to offer? Who knows! But I wont be sleeping any less about it.

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