Newbies guide to choosing a weapon

Runescape knows various melee weapons. The most commonly used weapon is by far the Scimitar. But is it the best?

Most weapons have a primary attack mode in all three attack styles and a secondary mode in the aggressive or controlled style. Depending on your opponent and your attack style you need to use different weapons.

Speed is a very important factor when choosing a weapon. Because the faster you hit the more damage you do and thus the more experience you get! I would suggest to always choose the FASTEST weapon in each category when training that style (stab, slash, crush).

So, when to choose what weapon?

When training Attack (Stab) for a long time buy a (small) Sword! Its really underrated. It is fast, and the strongest weapon when fighting in attack. Strength (Slash) choose a SCIMITAR! Yes, it’s popular for a reason.



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