Cheap way to get 70 fletching!

The easiest to train skill in RuneScape pay2play is by far fletching. Getting from 1-70 can be done in one maybe two days. You will need some starters money, but you will easily earn it back.

Fletching is the art of carving bows and arrows out of wood with a knife. Since with fletching you only have to click on the logs once for them all to be cut, it requires little effort. You click, wait…., bank/withdraw and repeat.  What I did, was watch movies and/or tv shows while you fletch! Time will fly by, and skills will go up like crazy! If you do this you will get fletching 70 in no-time! Here is what you’ll need to fletch for each level;

Level 1-10: Arrow shafts (231 normal logs)
Level 10-20: Longbow (u) (332 normal logs)
Level 20-25: Oak shortbow (u) (205 oak logs)
Level 25-35: Oak longbow (u) (583 oak logs)
Level 35-40: Willow shortbow (u) (445 willow logs)
Level 40-50: Willow longbow (u) (1882 willow logs)
Level 50-55: Maple shortbow (u) (1307 maple logs)
In total you will need to buy or cut 563 logs, 788 oak logs, 2327 willow logs and 1307 maple logs.

I personally suggest to chop the normal and oak logs yourself, so you will earn money in the next run also. Since nobody ever buys these unstrong bows most people save them for junk trading.

From 55 on it gets a little slower, but at least it’s profitable! You need some money to buy all the needed maple logs but you will earn it back (+ more).

Level 55-70: Maple longbow (u) (9803 maple logs)

Buying 9803 maples costs a pretty penny, 490,150 coins with a log price of 50 coins each. But unlike the unstrung bows before you can sells these for 94 coins each. You will earn 431,332 coins which covers the cost if you only bought the willow and the maple logs in the 1-55 run.

There you have it! You now have 70 fletching! Not as big as a pain as you thought it would be right?

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