How to play RuneScape on iPad?

I’m thinking of buying one of those nifty iPads, but I wasn’t sure if the iPad could handle RuneScape! I did some research on how to play RuneScape on an iPad!

Yes, it is possible to run Java! And Flash! The application ‘Cloud Browse‘ allows you to play videos and games using Java AND Flash plugins. Using this, you can simply log-on to RuneScape!

The game play is ‘ok’. You can click by simply touching the screen but its not as fast as a computer mouse. To right mouse click, tab twice. Its not ideal, and slow compared to a normal computer mouse but its playable. Turning the screen is the most annoying thing. You have to open the keyboard and then use the arrow buttons to rotate, and close the keyboard again.

So in conclusion, yes it is possible! Its not great if you dont plugin your own keyboard and mouse but it works! You can easily chat, woodcut, mine or any other not so dangerous activity.

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10 Responses to How to play RuneScape on iPad?

  1. Matthew says:

    theres this new keyboard docking thing for ipad
    cost about $100 dollars i think
    really useful for playing rs

  2. Eric says:

    I don’t want to buy that app though is there any other option?

  3. jksgdf says:

    dylan we get iPads at our school and i jailbreaked mine just hide it in a file (:

  4. Christina says:

    What’s the apps name?

  5. Marissa says:

    Do you have to pay more then once for cloud browse…

  6. Sssss says:

    I know a way to play runescape on iPad. Download this app called alwaysonpc and its like a pc on ur iPad. It has full office flash player and java u can okay runescape just like that
    I’m only nine but I’m a huge geek

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