Salty maples, Islands disguised as dungeons and random talk

Yesterday I noticed I needed only 300 more exp to level 30 dungeoneering, I decided to clear a dungeon so I would reach this little milestone… Upon reaching it I noticed that there was a new resource dungeon for me to explore! According to my beloved wikia this little dungeon was a great place for F2P players to chop Maple!

After grabbing a tinderbox, a runite hatchet and some peeking on the worldmap (not really I got lost, twice). I found the.. errrr… ‘dungeon‘. This dungeon was actually an island. A very gray and dark looking island. It’s a very small island holding 8 maple trees and 6 willow trees (which nobody uses) and there is barely any grass… Which is odd. If grass can’t grow here… why can these maples!? Suspiciously¬†looking around I noticed the water. Salty sea water. Now I ask you, can these beautiful little trees live on sea water? I don’t think so.

What more does this little ‘dungeon’ island have to offer? Who knows! But I wont be sleeping any less about it.

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